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Tantric Massage London - Welcome London's most sought-after TANTRIC GODDESSES!

Tired? Stressed? Maybe just bored of doing the same things in your love life? Then allow Enchantress Alysha and Goddess Sheri Amour to entice you into their glorious and delicious world of Tantric temptation, a haven of exquisite enchantment where you will be massaged, pampered and pleasured until you are relaxed yet revitalised and refreshed into a state of divine tantric bliss.
Enchantress Alysha and Goddess Sheri Amour have trained for some time as tantric teachers and invite you into their magical kingdom to enable you to share an intimacy, deep tantric relaxation and sensations that you may not previously have enjoyed. They are students of Taoist principles and Indian head massage and are currently training in shiatsu massage. They trained with some of the greatest Tantric leaders across Europe and attend regular workshops to continue to expand their knowledge and experience.Tantra is a 5000-year-old spiritual tradition, but its relevance to the 21st century is astounding. It offers an approach that enables women to feel sexually confident and good about themselves, and gives men an opportunity to control their orgasms via tantra, experience full-body orgasms, become multi-orgasmic and to satisfy their lovers in the most intimate ways.
You and only you are responsible for your own sexual pleasure. You need to allow yourself the time and space in which to discover what you should do to reach a blissful tantric sex state. Allow Enchantress Alysha and Goddess Sheri Amour to guide you on a mystical and fulfilling voyage that will enable you to approach and enjoy the experience of tantric sex with delight and elation.........................
According to ancient tantric belief, sexual energy runs through our bodies rather like a strong electrical current, and is at our disposal to use wisely and at will. Our essential sexuality lies in this energy, and finding the true path to sexual bliss is a matter of tapping into and directing that all-important current.
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This "kundalini" energy runs through our bodies in a series of complex pathways mapped out in tantric lore. Sexual energy rises in the body during the arousal phase of lovemaking and, with our tantric knowledge and experience, we can help you channel it in a desired direction. Once awakened, the "kundalini" shoots straight up the body to the brain. This is accompanied by an intense sensation of joy, a feeling of being cleansed and also deeply relaxed.

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The Hindu tantric texts name seven energy stores in the body, known as "chakras". These run up the vertical line of the body from the base of the spine to the top of the head and each has a specific link to our emotions which, in turn, can lead to immense feelings of sexual enjoyment and bliss.

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